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Instagram Marketing for Business Growth

One of the most popular photo and video sharing apps, Instagram has more than 300 million users all over the world. If you are new to Instagram, there are a few interesting things about it that you should be aware of.

  • Amazing filters

With many filter options to choose from, you quickly get a more polished and chiseled picture to upload. Undoubtedly, Instagram has the best filters in comparison to other websites.

  • Hashtags

On Instagram it is all about #hashtags. Be it a popular pose or just the mood you are in, upload a photo with hashtags and get noticed. However remember, less is more so do not just add unwanted ones!

  • A medium of display

Since you upload photos and videos here, you can use it for your business purposes as well. Be it a photo related to the products you sell or simply a video or a cake that you baked for a client, upload it and improve your business with Instagram.

  • The youngest batch of users

Unlike other social media platforms, most of the Instagram users are young individuals under the age of 35 years. So for those who like it mod and bold, you would face least shaming on Instagram.

  • Earning sponsorships

Many Instagram users are engaging themselves in a business where they do not just click photos and upload them but also sell them to brands that seek photos. In addition, there are many cases when people have managed to gain sponsorship and internships on Instagram for the work they do.

  • It’s better than other social networking websites

Not just the fact that it is the fastest growing website and highly user-friendly, Instagram is the best tool for visual marketing. Whatever you post, can be searched through hashtags and thus comes in eyes of the biggest bunch of people.

  • Highest amount of engaged users

Unlike other websites, you do not have to click some secondary links here to view posts on Instagram. Due to this, the user engagement on Instagram is relatively higher.

  • High-quality traffic

Unlike Facebook and twitter, the traffic on Instagram is of high quality. It is so because, the traffic cannot be directed to secondary places easily and studies prove that the number of convertible sales from Instagram are higher in comparison to any other website like Google plus, Facebook, etc.

So now that you are aware of the advantages of Instagram marketing campaign, download the Instagram app and take a dive into the world of visual marketing.



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