Best Tips to optimize a wordpress blogs

To write a good blog which is appealing and convincing takes a lot of time, energy and money. There is no much use of writing a high-quality blog if it is not formatted or marketed properly, as it will not reach many audiences. In order to achieve the goal of reaching more audience, it is necessary that we do optimize the blog before publishing.

Below mentioned are some of the tips and tricks which will definitely help you to get more eye blogs to your content.

1. Internal Linking

 Hyperlink to relevant blogs or website URL pages in your website. This is also called as internal linking.

A) Use relevant anchor text to hyperlink

b) Do not use few limited anchor texts only to hyperlink. Instead, you can choose 5 to 6 words anchor text which occurs naturally in your blog to hyperlink. With this you are not stuffing the keyword to your content and also able to avoid the risk of search engine penalty

c) Make sure you check mark the radio button “Open link in a new tab”  you can see this option in edit link option.

d) You may also have anchor text linking to your other website property which is in the same industry. This will pass high-quality link juice to your other property. But make sure that you link it to the most relevant page only.

2. Link Juice

 If you need to link to 3rd party websites but do not wish to pass the link juice, you need to use rel=”nofollow” code beside the url.

3. Formatting

 Make sure you do required formatting of the blog like a) Justify b) adjusting all the image size

4. Tags and Categories

 Do not forget to mention tags and categories of blog page. This helps to optimize your content and also segregates the blog under proper categories.


5. Image Optimization

 Optimize your images by placing alt tags. This helps search engine to rank your images in search engine.

Add_Alt_txt_in_wordpress 6. Proofread Content

 Check for any possible grammatical errors with the help of free tools like Grammarly. It is a must to have a proper proofread of the content before you go live.

7. Onpage

Make sure you do mention proper Meta tags like title, description and keywords. Do not try to over stuff Meta tags with keywords. Instead, try to make it appealing by describing what your blog is all about and what user can get out of it in words limited by the search engine. This is to make sure that search engine does not chop your words while showing the result in search engine result page. Also, this will help you get a better click through rate.

8. Headings

Heading tags like H1 , H2 …. till H6 helps user and search engine understand what the blog is all about better. This helps your blog reader to stay interested in your blog page for longer and helps from SEO point of view as well.

9. Readability

Try to write shorter sentences wherever possible. This helps the content to be user-friendly. It’s recommended to have not more than 20 words in a sentence.

10. Url Structure

 Blog URL should be clean and short. Avoid using stop words in the url.

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