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In the world of SEO, almost everyone needs to rank their website for certain keywords so that website gets relevant eyeballs/ traffics. If you are wondering too about how to rank for a particular keyword and show the content you intended to, This blog is for you!

Let me explain you with the help of a case study.

As a guardian, I was looking out for MBA colleges in Bangalore and shortlisted a couple of colleges to try admissions in. National school of college was one of them. While searching for the college, I could see Google suggesting “national school of business consumer complaints”.

Google Suggest unintended keyword

Of course, anyone interested in the college would like to click and know more about it.
Here is what my findings are which helped me understand particular SEO strategy.

1) Deliberately a student who is rusticated from the college is trying to malign the Image of college and especially the Professor.

2) Frustrated student created complaint forum and timely commenting on all the created forums.

Aishik comm2

Aishik comm 3

3) Content optimisation on the created complaint forum by adding multiple images.

I understand that now you must be wondering, how you can use this strategy to increase visitors to your website as the above-mentioned strategy is taking the users to various complaint sites.

Here I suggest to create a landing page on your website targeting the particular keyword and give a link to the landing page from the various sites you commented.

This strategy will let the Google bots crawl the landing page via multiple websites and hence help you rank for the keyword. Later as more and more people visit your website, it will in improvement in keyword position and hence more visitors to your site.


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