How to be a Self-Made Digital Marketing Pro

“A self-made man owes his success and respect to nobody”. There have been a lot of differences between the last generation and the current generation.  Ambition, Passion, Desire and Impatience have always gotten the best out of them. The Industrial revolutions back then paved way to a lot of ambitious projects, which went on to change the world as we know it. The invention of the internet has opened up countless possibilities and opportunities which have helped mankind make giant leaps in almost everything. The digital revolution is to us what the industrial revolutions were for the last generation.

The definitions of today’s self-made man may have been tweaked a bit. One man companies, freelancing and a whole lot of opportunities have popped up to encourage and motivate ambitious people to earn themselves their own living and carry forward their skills in the real world. Digital marketing is one of them. A lot of self-motivated youth take up to digital marketing as a career or a profession with just their valuable time as an investment and reaping big rewards on the same.

How do they do it? How did they climb up the ranks to being a successful Self-Made Digital marketing professional. The framework is simple and straight-forward, yet the approach may differ from one to many perspective.

Phases to become Digital Marketing Expert

Phase 1: Getting it started

While you are browsing through the tips and tricks which would help you self-groom yourself as a digital marketing pro, Open a tab on the side and understand your domain of interests and the possibilities for future expansion. Let’s say you have a keen eye to the latest trends and changes in the world’s automobile sector – Take your time to understand if it is something which would help you build a brand in the upcoming years. Do not choose the domain which has chances to deplete in the near future. It may very well be a roadblock when It happens. The second thing would be to understand your areas of strength and choose your domain. YouTube and blogging are some of the best mediums to start your digital marketing career. Understanding the current digital marketing trend is very important as there are many divisions in it (like content writing, social media marketing etc)

Once you are done setting up your basic groundwork, it’s time to do test your brain into some serious mental stress. Trying to understand technical nuances of SEO and Google ad words can be a little stressful at first, but try not to forget, the entire promotion and success of your ‘published ‘is dependent on it.

Phase 2: Getting it Going

Phase 1 was getting the rabbit into the hat. Phase 2 is all about gathering an audience, pulling it out in style and seeing yourself rise a celebrity in the digital world. This might have some real time monitory investments pulling the strings. Setting up an exclusive Facebook page and embedding it to your blog/YouTube channel would be your first priority. Promoting your blog on Facebook might involve you spending a few bucks which would help your page or channel reach a few more. Your presentation would do the talking and bring in more loyal audiences via referrals.

Once you have gathered a good audience, it would be enough to grab the attention of SME and Corporate. You would be approached to endorse, promote or review their products in the domain that you expertise.

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