7 Things that every business owner should know about Facebook

Things every Social Media Marketer should know about Facebook Marketing

Gone are the days when newspaper promotions, radio ads, brochures and flyers were the only options that businessmen could rely on for promotion and marketing of their businesses. With the advent of internet and the hype created by the social media platforms, things have changed completely. Facebook is the biggest platform with more than one billion Facebook users and thus one of the biggest mediums to target mass audiences.

If you too are a business owner and looking for new yet effective promotion options over Facebook get an idea about how you can use it to the maximum for your benefits.

  • No/Low cost marketing

Considering the enormous number of users that Facebook has, you will not get a platform bigger than this to let the audiences all over the world know about your business. With no investment on the initial level and comparatively lower investments in the future, you can easily use this platform to see your business grow.

  • Easy customer interaction

If you want to sell your products directly through Facebook or direct the users to your website, you do not get a better medium of attracting and interacting with the customers in comparison to what Facebook offers. With the help of external links that you can share, you get options to keep your followers updated about everything and thus engage them in your business and products.

  • No Rocket science involved

Since the Facebook business pages are designed in systematic and simplified manner, using them for your business promotion, does not involve any complications. With all the customization options available, you can decide how your page should look. You can buy some basic promotion plans that Facebook provides to increase the likes on your page and views on your posts.

  • Brand creation and awareness

Today you can see your business flourish if you spend some time and money over marketing and promotions of the brand and products. In such situations, Facebook comes in handy for brand creation and awareness. It gives you the easiest option to create the brand and promote it amongst millions of users. Along with the popular options of choosing target audience, locality, age groups, etc. your business would automatically become a known name.

  • Every like matters

Every like on your business page as well as on your posts matters as it ensures that people are checking out what you are putting up and thus showing interest in your business and products that you have to sell.

  • Directed traffic

With various options like call, instant message, promote your website, get directions, opened and closed, etc. you can get the traffic redirected to your website or store easily. All these options are available at negligible prices and display instant results, thus ensuring that your money is spent at right place.

  • Facebook insights

For everything that you post on your Facebook page you can get all the figures and insights about how effective they have been. No matter if you understand the graphical explanations or like to keep it simple, these insights are presented in the simplest possible ways for quick and easy understanding.

To sum it up, Facebook is one of the simplest and most effective platforms that if used in the right way can be very helpful for business growth and promotion.



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